Sunday, October 12, 2008

Our First Family Picture (who's missing?)

This is supposed to be our first family photo, with my married brothers and their kids. Why supposed to be? You'll find out.

We are very excited to see our eldest bro who just arrived from outside the country. He's been away for a year and we are eager to know how much weight he's put on and how his color might have changed due to the hot climate where he worked.

After a sumptuous dinner, we went straight to the studio to have our very first complete family picture. Okey, kids showed their truest smiles in front of the camera while the older group were busy putting on some face powder, a little make-up, and brushing their hair (talaga naman). After the kids, the elders followed. and the group.

How many are we, anyway? The group is composed of 4 couples, 1 couple has 3 kids, the other has 2, and another has 2.... and that makes us (4x2)+3+2+2=15.

And here is our supposed-to-be first complete family picture. Count them and help me look for the missing one.

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