Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Birth of the Little Hero

In the morning of January 15, my biophysical profile showed a score of zero in terms of fluid, which made us decide to go for Caesarian operation as recommended by our obstetrician. The operation was scheduled the following day.

After the OB handed me my admission slip, I returned to the office, completed my pending tasks, emailed my associates of my scheduled absence, went to the house to prepare my and my baby's things, and went back to the hospital for admission at around 10 o'clock in the evening.

The photo above was taken before the operation (obviously!). And the photo below is my cute little bundle of joy. So this is the baby who loves kickin' while inside my tummy. hihi.

It was almost 8:00 am of January 16. The nurse on duty went inside my hospital room with a lab gown that I should wear in the operating room advising me to get ready and to proceed to te OR for the preparation. It was around 8:40 when the anesthesiologist arrived. I was sedated and did not know what happened next UNTIL I heard the cry of the baby and the voice of my OB saying, "Liwat kaayo sa Daddy!"

The 7.48 pounder baby was named Clark Ken "CK", after the superhero known as Superman!

It is a privilege to be a mother. I am truly privileged and blessed to be the mommy of Baby CK, our little hero...

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Cookie said...

Cute kaayo si Baby Clark. We'll visit in there again hopefully this weekend.