Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The WORST Husband?

I was curious with the story featured on Yahoo website entitled "Worst husband ever."

It was about the Long and Fowler families in a reality show Wife Swap (I guess I don't have to elaborate what this show is about, the title says it all.) I watched the firt part (of five) of the video in youtube and was stunned by the atrocious behavior of Stephen Fowler. I could not imagine that people like him still lived. He was so arrogant, so prejudicial, and totally egotistical. And I should say, "he really would be best described as worst husband ever."

If you have not seen the video, try the link below. It's only the first part but you will find the succeeding parts on related videos.

After watching the video, I said to myself that I am truly blessed to have tied the knot to a loving, thoughtful, and simple person.

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