Wednesday, February 4, 2009



It was 7:00 am of January 13... The water might have subsided already from waist deep last night at CM Recto Avenue.
I decided to wear my dirty OLD sneakers for two reasons:
1. It's muddy outside so I should not be wearing newly washed shoes.
2. If my shoes get stuck in the mud, it's time to discard them.

I was walking towards the gate of the plant where I worked, about to leave, when... alas! the sole of my left shoe was left behind. Aside from the sole of my shoe, walking behind me are three associates who said, looking at my husband, "Paliti pud na ug shoes bai!" I faced them and SMILED. T'was an embarrassing situation but I said to myself, "What's the big deal of wearing old and damaged shoes?" hihi. I just remembered my elementary days when I placed a small piece of floormat inside my torn school shoes. A classmate saw the mat protruding and exclaimed, "Ann, there is something on your shoe!" What I did? Well, I told her what it was and why it was there. hihi.

I must have missed to mention that there should be a third but most important reason for wearing this pair of dirty old sneakers. And what was it?
3. This pair has only one day to live.

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